Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Win this bag!

I need a great name for this handbag. Something strong but pretty. Send in your ideas, if I choose the name you suggest (it can even be your own name) you will receive one of these pretty ladies as soon as they are ready to ship. You will own the very first one!
Details of the bag:
- light raspberry embossed leather
- organic canvas lining
- wooden bead detail
- medium shoulder bag
- adjustable strap
- magnetic flap closure
Email ideas to... or click on the post to add a comment.


Kristen said...

It's a gorgeous bag!

How 'bout the 'Lulu'?

Or, maybe 'Stella'?

Gidan Nodza said...

Love the shape and the colour.

Try Samantha... cos I think it's a bag Samantha in Sex and The City would carry, too long? then try Matilda, Jackie or Terah.

hapa said...

I had a few ideas as well. How about "Hannah" (strong and confident like me), or "Eliza" (it has a strong vibe for me).

The Bag Lady said...

When I look at the bag I think of Pebbles from "The Flintstone's"