Every piece at Cha Cha is made by hand with a mix of new and repurposed leathers and fabrics. With a heavy emphasis on ethical production I seek out local suppliers to ensure I can offer the best quality products made with the lightest ecological footprint. All canvas used has been hand dyed and silkscreened with original art work thus ensuring every single item is unique. Cha Cha is made in Canada.

Designer Lori Chalmers:
I have sewn most of my life. I was sewing in the background for many years while I worked as a waitress, graphic designer and cook. On one particular rainy day I went into a job I hated and was fired. I realized that all those temporary jobs had run out and rent was due. I had no other choice but to do what I loved and make it work. I set up a blog that night and started selling handbags.

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kate said...

hi cha cha,
love your clutches. I like how the linig is as important as the outside!