Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Old Scanners and Pretty Ladies

This morning I was excited to find out my ancient scanner still works! It must be at least 10 years old, and in technology years thats practically 100 years old. So if there is a surge of photos from books and magazines for the next while it's because I am happy to have the scanning ability back. Im sure the novelty will fade.
I was shopping for books over the weekend. I will spend quite a bit of time in airports over the next month so I need something new to read. While searching a discount bin I found "Vintage Handbags" by Marnie Fogg. Often these books are cheesy, but I like this one. I love looking through books of old fashion, women were so pretty and feminine back in the day. I love that a lot of the handbags had short straps, to me that is a really girly look that I love. I get emails all the time from women wanting extra long straps, and I understand it is convenient. But something about the short strap is just appealing to me, I like holding a bag,  I don't always want my stuff strapped to me. 

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