Monday, 15 March 2010

I am on a spending FREEZE!

I have two spending addictions, shoes and supplies for work. I'm working on curing the shoe addiction (sort of), but I REALLY need to slow down what I am frivolously buying for CHA CHA. Anytime I see a notebook that I could sketch in, a new fabric, a great leather, what ever, I must have it. Some of it gets used, some of it sits on a shelf. I came into the studio to do some sewing yesterday, and while Lou struggled to find somewhere to take a nap I realized I have way to many supplies hanging around. What I have the most of is leather scraps. I never throw any of it out, so I have bins, boxes and piles of scrap leather, salvaged leather and recycled leather all over the place. I am putting an end to it now. for the next month, I am not bringing anything else into this studio. It is my mission to use up everything I have before I buy more. I have alraedy started, I have made some of these cute little pouch/belt bags out of the scrap leather, but I'm still perfecting them, I will post a few pictures later.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see them.

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