Friday, 23 April 2010

I love sales and.... ugly things?

Sometimes I am convinced I like things that other people think are ugly. Some of my favorite items in my closet are pieces I found on a clearance rack, ignored by other women. Maybe I see a different potential in ugly pieces, or maybe I just like ugly stuff. Either way I'm o.k with it.
I found these Marni heels last week marked down from $695. to $109. There was a whole rack of them, the store was packed full of women and I seemed to be the only one excited about these. I'm happy with them, I think I will be wearing them for a while.
The bag in this picture is a new one. I have been fighting the whole "cross body" style for a while now. I have always loved handbags with shorter straps and thought there was something sort of sloppy about a bag strapped to your body. But I have had so many requests for them lately that I thought I would try one. I have been using this style now for 2 weeks and I reluctantly admit, it's pretty comfortable.
I LOVE the leather in this one, expect to see more of it soon!

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