Tuesday, 4 May 2010

I got carried away, therefore these are practically free.

I am in the middle of a mess right now in the studio. I had a serious feng shui attack last week and had an overwhelming urge to clean and let go of some of the stuff I have been holding onto in the studio. This has resulted in 2 things that might be a plus for you.....

1. Next Saturday I am have a Studio sale that will have bags (and bags and bags and bags) of scrap leather, hardware, fabric, beads, furniture and more. Should be some nice treasures to be found for all you crafty ladies in the Toronto area. Details to come over the next few days. 

2. Im not sure what came over me last September, but I made a ton of these bags, I love them, they are cute and a great light weight bag for summer, but they have been hanging around for to long now and need homes. So I am offering these bags at the ridiculously low price of $45. Please take one home and love it!! 

PS. Putting together "virtual outfits" could be very addicting. What a wonderful way to procrastenate!!

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