Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Today at cha cha I am....
Doing some silkscreening. All the linings for the new bags will be silkscreened. Each one with a different image and/or color, depending on the mood I am in in each particular day. 

Im cutting some leather for some cute little clutches. I love clutches.
They will look something like this when they are done.
I will also be making more of these key fobs. I made one for a myself and a friend a while back. We both use ours all of the time, he clips his to his jeans, I clip mine to my purse. I love not having to dig in the bottom of my bag for keys!!
I'm going to make more.

This is Lou right after I caught him trying to snoop in my purse. He really thinks what"s mine is his. I guess it usually is.

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