Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Stronger, Better, Prettier-Brand new handbags

Stronger, Better, Prettier. These are three words that ran through my mind as I was creating new handbags for Fall. I have been working on CHA CHA for over 3 years now and I have learned so much about function, style, and quality in that time. I can say with out a doubt the quality of handbags this season is by far the best. Straps are stronger, pockets sewn in tighter, hardware fastened and reinforced. These ladies are so special I want them to last forever! This season I have also incorporated another element to each handbag, silkscreening. Each and every bag is lined with natural canvas that has been silkscreened with original Cha Cha artwork. Great care went into each and every bag, both inside and out. More details here.

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Jade Graham said...

It can be used as briefcase for work with its original size, allow you to put files and laptop in. Made in italy handbags