Wednesday, 6 October 2010

On list of things to do.

This past weekend I stopped by a local fabric store that was having a sale. I walked out without any fabric, but I did buy something new. Patterns. I haven't used a pattern (other then the ones I construct myself) since the 10th grade when I made a pair of red velvet jeans. I wish I had kept those, they were pretty hilarious. The waist band came up to about 2 inches above my belly button and the pockets went down to about my knees. Not very proportioned but not a bad for a first attempt. I remember I wore them once, to the Mall  paired with my black faux fur jacket. I was a much more adventurous dresser then.
For ages I have wanted to make a little leather jacket, but making a pattern for clothes is not quite as easy as making a "one size fits all" pattern for purses. Im hoping once I figure how to use these, that I can make my own. Should be fun.... or incredibly frustrating!!

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