Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Making Christmas Gifts.

I made a few journal covers yesterday. I love the way they feel, the weight and the texture. Blackberries and iphones are great, I do use their calendars sometimes. But I need to physically write ideas down to understand them and remember them. It works for me. Hopefully people will like them as gifts.

 Step 1: Start with a basic blank notebook of your choice.
Step 2: Measure the book, and make a pattern. Don't forget to add the width of the spine so the book closes comfortably.
 Step 3: Trace pattern, cut leather
 Step 4: Cut 2 flaps for either side. The book covers will slip into there. Mock the whole thing up, I use a little 2 sided tape, then sew it all together. I added a book mark and pencil holder.

 Step 5: Slip the book in and you are done.

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