Wednesday, 13 April 2011

All packed and no where to go.

I made a few of these for a show I did recently. I have this one left and am considering keeping it for myself. It has 7 pockets, double short straps and 1 long removable strap. The lining is my favorite part, I went a little paint crazy on it but I like the way it turned out.
Should I keep it? Should I sell it? I don't know. This decision would be much easier if I had a vacation planned. An idea just hit me, how about a trade. If you foot the bill for a plane ticket (or 2, it would be nice to bring a friend) and a few days in a hotel (somewhere sunny, hot and by the ocean please), I will make you the best handbag you ever had, in any style with any features you can imagine. Sounds like a good deal??? There must be a lovely (rich) person out there who has always wanted the perfect custom handbag. If thats you, get in touch.  I will patiently await your offer.

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