Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Did I make this stuff???

While scrambling to get all my tax stuff ready last week I came across a few things from the early cha cha days. It really makes me realize how much has changed and how much I have learned in 6 years.
My first "Lookbook". I had know idea what a Lookbook was. I can't believe I thought selling silk and leather pillows was a good idea.

My very first business card. At this time in my life I was still a freelance graphic designer. I had gone for an interview with a potential new client and he asked me about my business card, he asked "what does this squiggly line represent?" My response, "I just like it." I didn't get that job.

A few of the first clutches I made. Screen printed canvas with recycled leather. Both without lining. I hadn't figured out how to do that yet.

This is unrelated, but was in the same box. It looks ancient. It's almost one inch thick.

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