Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pillows Today, Real Art Tomorrow.

 I have been looking for some inexpensive ways to add color to a few rooms. I would love to buy tons of original artwork and beautiful furniture, but I don't have it like that for right now. I can afford pillows, or I can at least afford to make some.

Pillows can be bright and fun. They can add color and volume to a room, even extra seating. They are easy to make, inexpensive and comfy.
I'm making more.

To  Make:

- First I dyed and silkscreened some raw canvas in the colors that would work with my room.

- After, washed and dried the painted canvas to give it a loved, soft look and feel.

- Cut a simple pattern. A 21x14 inch rectangle worked for me.

-  Cut and sewed two pieces of canvas together leaving  a small hole to stuff the pillow.

- I stitched up the side and thats it!

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