Monday, 26 September 2011

Sometimes I need to do things in public...

Dear World: I swear I will stop being a lazy A*s. 
Sometimes making little promises to myself is not enough. I need to tell people around me when so when I start to slip, they can check me.
Overall I would say I'm a pretty health person, I enjoy cooking/eating healthy food and I like some casual physical activity (not gonna catch me training for a marathon). But every so often I go through a lazy phase when the most active thing I do is take the dog for a walk. And although its better then nothing, its not enough to keep the muffin top to a minimum.
So  I am committing to you today that I will get my a*s out of bed 40 min earlier to take the dog for a run. I have no excuse not to. Some people have real life excuses, kids, a busy house, health problems, long hours at the office ect. I have non of these excuses. If I get out of shape its really because I am being negligent and not taking care of myself. Life is too short.
So if you don't see me post about some active things I have been into, lets say at least 3 times a week, please feel free to send me mildly abusive emails reminding me to get myself in gear.

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Asil Designs said...

This is great...I should also do this :0)
Good luck