Sunday, 30 October 2011

Working In Pajamas.

It's sunday; I slept for 11 hrs last night.  I have been working all day in my pajamas, it's been great.
At this moment I'm searching for scary movies on T.V while adding new handbags to the CHA CHA SAMPLES Shop. I found a stash of some samples I have made over the last year.
Grab one of these pretty ladies while you can, there was only 1 made of each of them.

Canvas and Leather Bucket Bag Last One. This one will age really nicely.

I love this one. It was an experiment, I only made one. Its a clutch or a wristlet and doubles as a really great iPad case.

This leather came from a rocking 80's jacket. I love the blueberry colour, it compliments this simple design of this fold over style.

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