Monday, 5 March 2012

My First Vegan Clutch- SOLD OUT

Over the weekend I was dismantling an old leather chair that was about to get thrown out. I was salvaging all the leather that was still in great condition. As I was cutting, I realized that part of it was not leather at all, but vinyl. (NOTE to those about to buy a leather chair, companies will often advertise "leather" furniture, when in reality only part of the piece is leather, the rest is vinyl in the same colour. Sneaky.)
At first I was disappointed that I wasn't going to get as much leather as I had anticipated, but as I looked at and held the vinyl I saw that it was in great condition and could easily be given a second life.  ENTOURAGE CLUTCH was the first style that came to mind that I knew would work great in this material. One great thing about vinyl is the durability. It doesn't scratch easily, you can spill anything on it and it just rolls off and it's pretty light weight.

Would you buy a vinyl handbag?
Is leather just too pretty to imitate?

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