Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Would you like a custom Handbag??

This custom travel bag is just about to get packed up and shipped to it's new home. It takes quite a bit of leather to make a bag this size, so it took some time to come across enough reclaimed leather to get started. The leather used was salvaged from a couch. It's soft and durable, the perfect combination. This leather now has a brand new life and will be used and loved for many years to come!
Do you have an old leather jacket, skirt, or pants that just sit in your closet? Maybe you are about to get rid of a piece of outdated leather furniture. These garments can be made into a brand new handbag. 
It's simple. Just send me the garment, I will take a look and send you a list of handbag style options that will work with the material you provided. Two weeks later, a brand new handbag will be shipped back to you.
Send me an EMAIL if you have any questions.

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