Tuesday, 30 October 2012

California Donuts


Last month we had a chance to go to Southern California. It was beautiful. With a limited budget we had to get creative (as seems to be the way with most of our vacations). We took it back to the basics, some folks call it finding free stuff to do. We spent the week going for hikes, playing tennis, sitting at the beach, eating $2. fish tacos and drinking cold beer. While there I discovered that I am in love with donuts, or more precicly fresh donuts. I never eat donuts, at home they don't appeal to me. They look dry and old and 10 times too sweet.  But as we drove through California I kept noticing signs advertising fresh donuts starting at 5am. Always one to cave to peer pressure I thought we should get up early and see if they were worth it. They were, they are delicious. Warm, and sweet and soft and everything that is good. After carefully selecting a few donuts to sample, we hoped in the cheap rental car and headed to the beach in time to watch the sun rise. It was a pretty nice way to start the day. Riding high on little sleep and a massive dose of sugar, we forgot to put $1. in the parking meter and got a $75. parking ticket. It was worth it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting and sharing your photos. I love to see my home from a visitors perspective. You make me appreciate it all over again. ...and yes, the donuts are delicious but trouble. I had one this morning. I only get them if they're hot and could not resist when I picked up a cup of coffee. : ) Hope you return.


cha cha said...

mmmm... fresh coffee, warm donut and ocean breeze... I want to be there now! I will be back fore sure :)