Thursday, 31 January 2013

Let nothing go to waste

Entourage Wristlet in Soft Brown Leather.
If you check out the previous post, you will see I used this same jacket for a larger bag, The Eva Tote. But I am not satisfied until I have used up every last bit of leather. This old jacket sacrificed it's life for handbags, might as well make it worth it.
To ensure all CHA CHA bags are strong and will last forever and ever, I interface them. For those not in the sewing world that is a sew in or glue on type of fabric that gives stability to to the leather. But lately I have been using the lining from the jackets as interface. This way I am using every last bit of the garment and the bags are just as strong as ever. Working with recycled/reclaimed fabrics makes you think about sewing/creating in a whole new way. Keeps it challenging/interesting. I like it.

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