Friday, 31 May 2013

Trying Something New.

My creative flow has been a on bit of a hiatus while I try my hand at other professions. I figure life is short, might as well try as many new things as possible. But this week end I finally have no commitments so I plan on spending some quality time with CHA CHA. I will be adding some new Entourage Totes and clutches to the shop as well as introducing a small Pre-Loved section. I have a serious love for all things second hand & repurposed so I thought I would include that in the mix as well. I have been also playing around some new jewelry ideas which I will probably share pictures of.  I think I will need some input from you lovely ladies on those ones!
Till then shop is looking a little bare, but to make it a little more interesting you can use discount code 40 to receive 40% off your entire order. So happy it's Friday, YAY!

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