Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Before & After- The Perfect Bucket Bag is 5 Steps

This morning I started with an XL Men's winter jacket. The leather was in good shape, but the pockets where shredded & the style was a little 1996. With a little work I was able to give it a whole new life.

Step 1: Find some leather or fabric you like. Make sure it is strong enough to be a handbag, not all leather makes for a strong handbag.

Step 2: Take apart the original garment. Keep in mind what sections you would like to use for your bag, you want to try and have as much usable leather as possible.

Step 3: Chose a style of bag you would like to make and draft a pattern ( I will get into this another day) and cut away. Again, being thoughtful of how you lay it out. You probably wont use the bent elbow section of the jacket for the front piece of your bag.

Step 4: Once I have cut the pieces I always reinforce the stitching. The leather may be good, but they thread could be old.

Step 5: Now start stitching everything together. A great way to use the whole jacket is to save the lining of the coat and use it for lining of the handbag. If you do this you truly will not be wasting a scrap.

The Perfect Bucket Bag is now available RIGHT HERE in the shop.