Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I love pretty shoes, so Im showing them off.

Like many MANY women out there I have a soft spot for pretty shoes. I love shopping for them, bringing them home and lining them up neatly on my shelf. Sadly, that is where they usually stay, in my bedroom, on my shelf. I dont really live in a high heel friendly world. My day generally consists of walking a dog, running to the post office with a cart full of shipments, standing at a counter cutting, and sitting at an industrial sewing machine. Not easy things to do with delicate shoes. So I have decided to at least start show them off here.
NOTE: Please ignore the hideous tattoo. It's just a little something I thought was cool when I was 15 years old.


ana said...

i am the same way, love buying the shows but they end up staying on a shelf. great idea to show them off though! :D i love them, they look great on your feet!

corra said...

OMG ok I have been lurking, but I MUST say I LOVE THIS!!!! SOOO PRETTY!!!!