Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bags of Leather Scraps for Sale!!

I have been hoarding tons of scrap leather since I started making handbags. I keep telling myself, "one day a great idea will come to me and I will create something wonderful with all these beautiful scraps"!!
Well, it's been 3 years and it hasn't happened so I think its time to pass them onto someone who can do great things with them.  I found a few pictures of some creative things ladies have made with scrap leather.

Here are a the details....
• Leather is cow hide
• Ranges in size and colour
• These scraps would be excellent for making change pouches, small purses, jewelry or headbands
• Each bag is $15 or 10 bags for $100.
• A few larger, pieces available for $40 each
• Some random hardware available, great for making handbags
• A selection of sewing and leather related instructional guides for $5 each
• Cash only
• Available until May 16th
• Queen and Dufferin

Please contact me to make an appointment to come check it out. lori@chachalifestyle.com

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