Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My 90's Throwback.

I used to LOVE making mix tapes. I would sit on the floor in my bedroom for hours recording the perfect mix of songs and creating an album cover that reflects the songs I chose. The mix tape is long gone, now we have playlists, which are great, but not quite the same. This little wristlet is a throw back to the early 90's and my love of the mix tape.

Heres how I made it.
• After I make my pattern, I cut it out of some lovely vegetable tanned leather
• Then I silkscreen my image onto the leather
• The I iron the image to set the ink
• Add the hardware
• Sew it
• Add the strap
• Take pictures and post

More details HERE.

1 comment:

Tamia said...

That's so cute! I remember spending hours sitting on the floor in front of my big boombox (I'm talkin' ghetto blaster here), waiting to press Record+Play when the right songs came on the radio--then getting mad when the DJ talked over the end of the track & ruined my mix!