Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Must get a new dentist.

Yes, this is another self-indulgent shoe post, I can't help it.
My current dentist is in a very fancy neighborhood, and while my dentist is great, the area poses many 
risks for me and my bank account. As I come out of the subway station I am forced to pass by a block of beautiful shoes stores. Last visit I thought I was going to be strong, I sped by the dangerous area and didn't even sneak a peak into the windows. On the way back from my appointment I had let my guard down. I saw a sale sign. Next thing I knew 20 minutes had passed and I was standing outside the store with a new pair of shoes in my bag. Had a had some sort of shoe black out!! Anyway, they are mine now and I love them.

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Paulina said...

Those Dries are gorgeous!!!