Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Need New Music, suggestions please!!

Today I am looking for some new music to listen to while I work. I got a few itunes gift cards for Christmas and they are burning a hole in my pocket!
I bought one album "Lungs" form Florence & the Machine. So far loving it!
What are you guys listening to??


Joanne said...

"We are Born" by Sia!! Can't stop moving when I listen to this album.

Love her, and she has my mittens!


E² - Esther Eve Metalsmith said...

I LOVE Florence & the Machine! Her soaring voice goes right through me.

Ok, along the same lines, but some far off, here goes.


Lykke Li

Broken Bells

Tapes n' Tapes

Emiliana Torrini

Zola Jesus

Thats all for now, hope theres something in there to inspire you like they did for me ;o)

cha cha said...

Thanks for the suggestions ladies, Im gonna check them out today!