Monday, 31 January 2011

Where do you keep your inspiration?

I keep all my inspiration in a big black book. It's full of scribbles, colour swatches, clothes I like, stories of interesting people I have ripped out of magazines, expensive accessories I can't afford, quotes I have read, pictures of rooms I would love to live in. You name it, its in there. It's messy and unorganized, just the way I like it. Where do you find/keep your inspiration?


Charlene said...

Messy and unorganized in file folders and boxes and tabbed in the magazines awaiting transfer to a good sized book like the one u have. I just haven't broke down and made the purchase. said...

Everywhere! Finally I went yesterday in search of a scrapbook, so I could organize everything!! I also bought some clipboards, which I am going to hang on my studio wall.

Didn't find a good scrapbook, the hunt continues!