Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Little DIY- Hand Dyed Cotton Scarves

1. I like to use a nice light weight cotton. Something soft, but still durable.
2. I get my fabric ready cutting it to the size and tying some loose knots. This will give the fabric that marbled sort of look after its dyed.
3. Next I put on some huger rubber gloves. This is a MUST, I learned this the hard way.
4. I chose the colours I want and dilute them in some water. I use a vegetable base pigments.
5. Then I soak my fabric in the dye. Not for very long, just enough time to get it really covered.
6. I ring them out and let the knotted canvas sit on a drying rack for a few hours to ensure the dye has taken.
7. Now I rinse them. I like to do this to give the scarves a subtle look. I don't want the colour to be to intense. After they are rinsed they are ready to be silkscreened.
8. I pick out my favourite image that I have had made into a silk screen, lately I have been loving these zig- zags.
9. Once the fabric has dried I go over the whole scarf with a hot iron to set the ink. You could probably get away with just that step, but i like to then wash the fabric. This softens it up as well as insures that NO DYE WILL TRANSFER TO YOUR CLOTHES. Worth the extra step.
10. The very last step is carefully sewing the edges so you have a nice clean look. I keep the ends raw, but you could sew around the entire scarf if you would like.

All in all, not to difficult to make, just a little time consuming.  Worth it in the end.
I think these will make great gifts for the holiday season!

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