Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Keeping Busy This Week

This week I am finishing up some sewing, some experiments and getting ready to add new items to the shop. I will be adding new belts, passport cases, ipad cases, and of course some new handbags.

I am experimenting with silkscreening prints. I think they are a fun way to add a little colour to a room.

I am attempting to teach myself french. The reading and writing are going pretty well, and if you speak really slow I might be able to understand you. But as soon as a real french person starts to speak at a regular speed, my eyes start to glaze over and I only understand the words that sounds like english. But I am going to keep trying.

This is what happens when Winston doesn't get enough exercise. He will sit and stare until he gets his way. Normally I love our walks, but its just so COLD!! I have not adjusted to winter weather yet.

 I am working on some smaller accessories for the shop. This one here is a passport case made of reclaimed leather.

I am turing these boxy, brown leather pants into wrap belts belts. I doing them in all different colours, but this brown is especially soft and cozy, perfect for a wrap belt.

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