Thursday, 15 November 2012

New Wrap Belts!!

I have been out of these belts for a while so I am happy to have them back, they are perfect for Fall weather. I have changed the design of this belt just a tiny bit so that I am able to make ALL OUT OF RECLAIMED LEATHER, yeah! Many of these belts are also reversible, lined with vintage fabric or screen printed canvas.
You will also notice I have a new home for my SHOP. These days, technology moves so fast, a website becomes old quickly and updating is really expensive if you are not a tech wizard. Since I am not a tech wizard, I thought it was time to take the pressure off myself and move my shop to a place where someone else takes care of all of that. So now payments will be made via Paypal, but if you prefer to just use a credit card that can be done over the phone. Just EMAIL me for details.

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Apurbo Kundu said...

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