Saturday, 17 August 2013

Annabelle Canvas Tote With Mixed Tape Lining.

I will always love mix tapes, not matter how far we evolve away form them. I used to spend hours picking the perfect songs and drawing the perfect cover. If we were friends as a teenager, I probably gave you mix tape for at least one birthday.
But now, instead of rewinding and recording, I measure and sew. Here is a ANNABELLE CANVAS TOTE WITH MIX TAPE LINING.

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Charlene Joyce said...

Hey Cha Cha, I'm here rubbing my palms waiting for your re-launch and decided to check out some of your old but goodie studio post. This post took me back to the days I would sit in front of the radio with my finger ready to press record or stop. These were usually Saturday afternoon or the days of summer. Technology serves us only sometimes. Other time I feel it disables our way of living authentically.