Saturday, 17 August 2013

How to Transform Your T- Shirt in Less Then an Hour

Stop by your favorite second hand store, or rummage through your drawers and try this out on a t-shirt you already have.
Step One: Get all your supplies ready
1. T-Shirt
2. Silkscreen (if you are crafty you can make your own but most cities will have companies that will make these for you from your own art work for a pretty good price)
3. Ink & squeegee
4. Some scrap paper to test on and to also slide inside the shirt so the ink does not go through to the back.

Step Two: Test out your screen
I always test the screen out on paper first. Just to make sure it looks the way I want, and also pushing ink through the screen once helps apply even ink to your fabric.

Step Three: Prepare your shirt
Slide your paper inside the shirt and get out all the wrinkles. You are now ready to silkscreen.

Step Four: Silkscreen
Now, position your screen where you would like the image and go for it.

Step Five: Iron
Once the ink has dried, you apply heat to the area with an iron. The time it takes for the ink to set varies from brand to brand, so follow the instructions on the bottle you are using.

Step Six: Cut & Sew
Now that ink has set, I use a pen to lightly trace where I would like to cut to make my t-shirt a tank top. You could be technical about this, and draw a pattern or even trace a tank top you own, but its pretty simple to eye ball this one, it doesn't need to be perfect. Take this to the sewing machine, fold the the edges inside so you have no raw edges and stitch away.

And you're done! 
You have gone from boring boys t-shirt to fun tank top in less then an hour.

I am looking for other ways to transform clothing, any ideas or links you can share????


Hanna said...

I do a lot of refashioning. In fact, it's my favorite thing to do. I did this t-shirt refashion a while back that you might like:
You're tank looks very cool!

cha cha said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing it Hanna!!!