Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer Reads- The Good, The Bad & The Fantasy

This summer I have got myself into the bad habit of reading 80% of a book then abandoning it. I am not sure if it is because of my some what chaotic attention span or if it is because I simply loose interest in the book. While I do have a stack of partially read books, I have managed to finish a few.

1. Farm Sanctuary by Gene Baur
Over the years I have become increasingly interested in food production. From how the fruit and vegetables we eat have been grown to how the animals we eat are treated. Farm Sanctuary gives you an in-depth look into factory farms in North America without being shocking for the sake of sensationalism. This book is insightful, honest and really makes you think about the food we feed ourselves and our families. The days of cows grazing in the pastures are long gone for the animals that end up in most of our groceries stores today.
I think this book is a interesting read for everyone, vegan- meat lover. It's important and responsible to know how what we eat is effecting the planet. Highly recommend.

2. #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
I have watched Sophia's career sky rocket from her days as a vintage eBay retailer to an online super star in a very short time so I was very excited to see this book come out. She shares her rags to riches story in an easy to read, fun way that allows you to read this book in one sitting. It was enjoyable and I did jot down a few interesting tips or inspirational quotes as I read, but I would not call this a book a guide to success and I am not sure that was her goal anyway.
After reading her book I headed to her online store, like a sucker and did some shopping.  As soon as my order arrived I felt duped. The quality of the items I received was horrible, less then I would expect for your average fast fashion retailer at the mall and far more expensive. I quickly returned my purchase only to wait a month for a refund that happened after 3 phone calls to customer service. Not what I was expecting from a store owned by someone who wrote an entire book about how wonderful her product and customer service was. In the end I feel like I bought into the hype.
But the book was fun and had a few helpful tips for business owners. I would suggest borrowing it from the library and skip the online shop that made her famous.

3. Porter Magazine
This new magazine is powered by, the high end online retailer. To be honest, I like this magazine on a very simple level. It's pretty. The garments are all so far out of my budget that there is no room for jealousy, this one is straight up fantasy for me and I need a little of fantasy in my life.

What are you reading this summer????

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